Administration Of Libraries And Publications

General Administration of Libraries and Publications:

It is concerned with all work related to providing books, references, periodicals and scholarly journals for the university and everything about its reference, and taking advantage of libraries and ways of lending and other acts of the relationship. The administration practices its competence through organizational divisions as the following:

Office of Libraries Affairs and Documentation and includes the following:
  1. Implementation of technical systems relating to technical preparation in the field of libraries with the regard of processing libraries with books or classifying books and indexing them and systems to lending them and others.
  2. Following up books of recent publication (version) in various publishing houses and working on providing libraries of the university with the ones appropriate.
  3. Taking care of educational periodicals and following up their versions and working to participate in them.
  4. Taking care of study rooms and supervising them and supplying them with the necessary books and facilitating the ways to access them and borrow them.
  5. Providing libraries of faculties or departments with their needs of books and other means of knowledge.
  6. Providing useful proposals in the development and organization of the university desktop service such as university libraries and its faculties or departments depending on conditions.
  7. Preparing detailed statistics on the movement of the books in the library and submitting reports and useful proposals about that.
  8. Taking care of exhibitions of books and participating in them and working to benefit from them.
  9. Supervising university book stores, its colleges and its departments.
Office of Printing, Publishing, Arabization and Scholarly Journals and it is concerned with the following:
  1. Implementing Arabization programs in the university, providing useful suggestions and following up committees to implement programs of Arabization and facilitating means of their success.
  2. Taking care of translating books and writing them in the university, checking the evaluating committees, submitting proposals to encourage the work of translation and writing.
  3. Following the movement of authoring and publishing outside the university, taking care of courses and scholarly journals and participating in them.
  4. Confirming the role of the university and its importance in the movement of authoring and publishing and printing, and to provide useful suggestions.
  5. Collecting manuscripts of written books to print and publish them and following up their marketing in the university and external libraries.
  6. Proposing financial rewards for translation and writing work in the university in accordance with valid regulations to take consideration of this issue.
Office of Supply and Distribution and is concerned with the following:
  1. Checking the needs of books, references and scholarly journals and classifying and categorizing them depending on their headlines.
  2. Doing all procedures related to providing the needs of libraries with books and references.
  3. Following up opening credits for supplying needs and customs clearance.
  4. Linking relations with local, regional and international publishing houses and with the purpose to identify the last scholarly versions and benefit from them.
  5. Participation in exhibitions interested in books and publications inside and outside, and providing the needs of libraries in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  6. Documenting all supplies of books, references and scholarly periodicals and those bodies that have been distributed on with these supplies.