The first virtual international conference on e-learning

المؤتمر الدولي الإفتراضي للتعليم الإلكتروني
The first virtual international conference on e-learning

The first virtual international conference on e-learning

تعلن اللجنة العلمية للمؤتمر الدولي الافتراضي الاول للتعليم الالكتروني تحت شعار التعليم الالكتروني في زمن فيروس كورونا التحديات والحلول، عن استلام عدد 134 ملخص من 8 دول موزعة علي 17 جامعة من مختلف دول العالم. تم الانتهاء من تقييم الملخصات من قبل اللجنة وتم قبول 70 ملخص للمشاركة في المؤتمر حسب التاريخ المعلن ​23-4-2020.

للاطلاع على الاوراق المقبولة في المؤتمر الدولي الافتراضي الاول للتعليم الالكتروني

الرجاء زيارة الرابط التالي: Press here


The first virtual international conference on e-learning

Under the slogan: E-learning in the time of Corona: challenges and solutions


Given the exceptional stage, the limited tools, and the lack of awareness of e-learning technologies and legislation, whether concurrent or asynchronous, and based on the responsibility of universities in the renaissance of societies and discussion of its issues and problems, the urgent need for this conference came.

Since the Sebha University It is present from the educational metropolis of Libya and the nucleus of the vibrant south with knowledge and experience, on the basis of the foregoing the university seeks to organize a virtual conference on e-learning to bridge the gap and bridge the views and find appropriate technical solutions facing educational institutions in Libya and other countries, especially in these circumstances, and also increase Awareness of its benefits in the short and long term for the educational process, as well as seeking to crystallize the opinions of specialists to enact and put in place effective legislation that contributes to setting controls to regulate e-learning. Virtual International E-Learning Conference COVID-19


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International e-Learning Virtual Conference Corona


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Sabha University was initially established from the College of Education in Sebha as a branch of the University of Tripoli in the year 1976, which later became the nucleus of the first Sebha University. In the beginning of 1983 AD, Decree No. 187 of 1983 of the previous General People's Committee was issued regarding the opening of the University of Sebha as an independent university in the city of Sebha and included in the beginning the colleges of education and science and with the passage of time many colleges were opened according to the needs of the region until the number of university colleges reached twenty-one colleges Spread over different regions of the south, one outside the country.


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