Human Resources Development


Human Resources Development

With many of the tasks and powers that he is assigned to in accordance with the effective regulations and legislations that he is bound to complete in order to complete his duties as fully as possible and from the following functions:

  1. Conducting necessary research and studies to determine the ways and areas of self-resources development of the university and preparing the necessary plans and programs to implement them.
  2. Managing and operating service facilities of the university such as cafes, restaurants, canteens and laundry and others as to ensure the provision of an appropriate return to the university.
  3. Organizing benefit from medical testing laboratories, clinics and pharmacies to provide services to citizens of an appropriate return.
  4. Investing the real estate, properties and parks of the vehicles belonging to the university.
  5. Regulating the entry of non-working people’s vehicles to ensure the provision of a suitable return.
  6. Organizing benefit from production facilities such as farms, workshops for carpentry, metalwork and maintenance of vehicles to provide the needs of workers and citizens with an appropriate return to guarantee a self-supply and resource for the university.
  7. Doing all what would make the university depends on itself to cover its expenses.
  8. Participation in committees and work teams related to the activity of the office.
  9. Preparation of annual and periodic follow-up reports about the activity of the office.
مكتب التمنية والموارد الذاتية جامعة سبها
مكتب التمنية والموارد الذاتية جامعة سبها
مكتب التمنية والموارد الذاتية جامعة سبها

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