University Council Affairs Office


University Council Affairs Office Sebha University

The University Council Affairs Office shall be concerned with the functions and tasks assigned to it, including the following:

  1. Receive the topics presented to the university president and assistant, and collect the necessary data and information.
  2. Prepare a draft agenda for the meetings of the university’s council in coordination with the university’s president, edit its records, record its decisions, and communicate them to the competent authorities, colleges and units affiliated with the university.
  3. Receive the minutes of the university council meetings, present them to the university president, and empty their decisions and notify them.
  4. Organizing the university president's contacts and work programs
  5. Receive incoming correspondence to the President of the University, prepare his correspondences, save and provide the information he requests.
  6. Carrying out other tasks assigned to him by the President of the University.
مكتب شؤون مجلس الجامعة
مكتب شؤون مجلس الجامعة

Site: Public Administration Sebha University || Sebha University || Office: Council Affairs | Ground No .: 2625310 || City: Sebha.

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Phone number: 0712626012

Fax: 0712632963

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حول   جامعة سبها

Sabha University was initially established from the College of Education in Sebha as a branch of the University of Tripoli in the year 1976, which later became the nucleus of the first Sebha University. In the beginning of 1983 AD, Decree No. 187 of 1983 of the previous General People's Committee was issued regarding the opening of the University of Sebha as an independent university in the city of Sebha and included in the beginning the colleges of education and science and with the passage of time many colleges were opened according to the needs of the region until the number of university colleges reached twenty-one colleges Spread over different regions of the south, one outside the country.

Where initially included the faculties of education and science and then the faculties of human medicine, agriculture, engineering and technical sciences, economics and accounting until the number of faculties of the university to twenty-two faculties distributed over the different regions of the south. It currently has more than 25,000 students and more than 1300 faculty members and 3500 employees, in addition to 7 research centers spread over the geographical area of the southern region.

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