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Sabha University graduates

In the name of God, and may blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of God, dear sons, graduates of University Sabha I congratulate you on your graduation from the various faculties of your university and with your different specializations. Each of you achieves his place in this life. We hope for you a dignified and practical life. And that your university years of study will be of help to you in this, may God help you and guide your steps and benefit you and benefit you.

خريجي جامعة سبها



The beginning of Sebha University was in the year 1976, when the College of Education was established as a branch of the University of Tripoli and later in the nucleus of the University of Sebha.
Sabha University was established as an independent university in 1983, where it initially included the Faculties of Education and Science and then joined colleges
Human medicine, agriculture, engineering sciences, technology, economics and accounting until the number of university colleges reached five
Ten colleges spread over different regions of the south.
- Sabha University grants university degrees (Bachelor’s and Bachelor’s) and the Bachelor’s degree (Master’s) and the degree of Bachelor degree (PhD). The university includes a number of research centers and service units that provide services to students and faculty members.
The university publishes a number of scientific periodicals in both Arabic and English. These periodicals are concerned with publishing the contributions of members. The university teaching staff to encourage scientific research and enrich knowledge.

خريجي جامعة سبها


General list of the ceremony

Students and attendees must follow the following:
1- Concert dates: on the 14th of each year from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm 2- The venue of the concert: it is scheduled in time for either the language center runway.
3- The duration of the ceremony is two hours.
4- Invited bachelor's, master's and doctoral students.
5- To attend the ceremony, graduation clothes must be booked in full and received from the Office of the Registrar General.
6- Tickets are required for all students, friends or family except for the Organizing Committee and faculty members.
7- Due to the limited seats, entry without a financial receipt will be allowed.
8- All bags will be searched and respected late. We hope not to carry bags.
9- Do not bring any type of food or drink and we hope you leave it in your car or neglect it before entering.
10- The theater will open one hour before the ceremony begins to arrange.
11- Students must bring an attendance form, as there is a reference number that indicates your seat number

خريجي جامعة سبها


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خريجي جامعة سبها

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