Center of Research and African Studies

This center was established in 1983 based on the General People's Committee Decree No. (176) in 1983 in the city of Sebha. And the decision to establish the center comes from the strategic importance of the African continent among the continents of the world constituting an effective role in the movement of the international community on all tracks. And the transfer of the center to Sebha University came under the General People's Committee Decree No. (37) 1371 of Hijri Year-death of the Prophet (2003). The center has started its work since it was founded to achieve its objectives and goals which include the following:

  1. Attracting scientists and African intellectuals and recruiting their scientific efforts to struggle for the African continent.
  2. Conducting studies and research which brings foundation of the United States of Africa.
  3. Conducting research and studies related to achieving economic integration among the peoples of the African continent.
  4. Revealing colonial plans against the peoples of the African continent and confronting them and vanishing them.
  5. Demonstrating the African cultural identity.
  6. Taking care of the African languages and spreading them to facilitate their use.