General Registrar of the University

the educational affairs for university students, the direct supervision of the school system, monitoring the application of the regulations of study and examinations, and initiating the work of the supervision and guidance and coordination of all organizational divisions related to him or supervised by him which are:

Registration Office of Study and Examinations includes the following:

  1. Registration of students nominated for the university, and the preparation of the records and statements contain all the information about them.
  2. Preparation of the statistics and the detailed data about the number of students enrolled in the university according to their sex, their nationality their academic years, their branches of specializations and their place of residence.
  3. Preparation of statistics about the numbers of students graduating from the university in detail, and the preparation of the university guide about them.
  4. Preparation of statistics about non-regular students.
  5. 5. Handling, following up and taking care of the affairs of the registration of new students, and the preparation of detailed statistics and reports about them.

Office of Public Activity and Student Affairs includes the following:

  1. Proposal of the annual plan of the activity of the university and the students.
  2. Organization of festivals and university days and student cultural actors.
  3. Sponsoring sports, drama and artistic teams in the university.
  4. Establishment of student competitions programs, artistic and sports programs as well as taking interest in art galleries.
  5. Taking care of talented student in various fields, and proposing ways to encourage them and refine their talents.

Office of Student Housing and Sustenance includes the following:

  1. Processing and preparing place of student residence in student hostels creating a climate where academically and culturally appropriate to the student, and working on the continuation of this practical climate throughout the school year, and providing useful suggestions.
  2. Following up maintenance work in student hostels, and alerting to the imbalance sites and malfunction to be repaired by the administration or the competent authority in the university.
  3. Meeting students in the student hostels and enabling the housing according to the approved terms of acceptance, and keeping records, and preparing the rolls and the special cards for that according to the applicable conditions and instructions.
  4. Supervising the students in hostels and taking care of them socially, and working to organize various activities for them in the hostels in coordination with the Office of Activity and Student Affairs at the university.
  5. Supervising the staff in student houses and observing their commitment toward performing their duties and complying with the conditions and regulations.
  6. Providing useful suggestions to improve nutrition student services and its conditions, kinds and quantity according to customary health and scientific norms.
  7. Supervising and inspecting restaurants and food stores, and managing to provide equipment and supervising the preparation of meals in them, and taking all necessary steps to ensure the availability of health conditions, and organizing means of food supply and feeding students and preparing necessary cards and the like.
  8. Following up the work of the committees of nutrition and checking the execution of the conditions of supplying food and the submitting the necessary reports and proposals for their improvement.