Speech of University President

All praise is due to God (Allah) Who taught man by the pen. He taught him which he knew not, and prayer and peace be upon our master Muhammad Bin Abdullah. I welcome the visitors of the website of Sebha University who wish to know what our university has to offer from cultural and scientific legacy and the availability of human capacities and material abilities to serve science and scholars. Sebha University which is entering its fourth decade has achieved scientific and technical achievements pushing it to be comparable to universities and specialized research centers.
Having realized our responsibility toward the individuals of the society and their requirements for knowledge which requires opening horizons of knowledge and providing something new and evolved in areas of science, we had to set ourselves a platform to build a scientific edifice which through it science students and researchers go toward the fountains of science and knowledge to receive from their knowledge springs which enable them to take the reasons for rise and progress to achieve their aspirations for a bright future meeting their aspirations in communication and openness to simulate advanced methods and learning tools created by modern technology with its global standards and diverse tools. We look forward to seeing through this electronic space that the student and researcher of knowledge can take a tour in the website of the university, browse and search in the corridors of knowledge to find the fullness of their passion. We hope that our website visitors contribute to developing our institution and enhancing it through tips, suggestions and constructive criticism that we so much rely on to reach the ranks of the advanced and developed world universities asking God the Almighty the best of luck.