Office of Quality and Performance Evaluation:

The belief of Sebha University of the importance of evaluation in the improvement of the educational process and administrative is to develop the Office of Performance evaluation in the university which is an independent office works to improve the performance and raise it, and to ensure the quality of the educational output to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Raising awareness of the importance of university education and its advantages.
  2. Developing and activating the institutional knowledge to ensure optimal results.
  3. Providing consultancy in the field of its competence for officials in charge in the university.
  4. Participating and working on the preparation of local, regional and international conventions in the area of performance evaluation to join the existing ones.
  5. Participating in forums, seminars and conferences held in this regard at the local level, regional and international one.
  6. Standing on the actual fact of scientific performance and administrative performance of the university, and comparing it to the model performance to try to develop programs enabling to narrow the gap between the two levels.
  7. Preparation and dissemination of data and information about scientific and administrative performance in the university.
  8. Setting a methodology for ongoing evaluation for scientific and administrative functioning in the university.
  9. Doing any other business related to improve the university performance.

Office of Director and includes the following:

  1. Inviting the members of the office for periodic meetings and special sessions.
  2. Preparation of the agenda of the meetings of the office.
  3. Following up the preparation of meetings records of the office and distributing them to the members
  4. Selecting and following up the administrative staff of the office.
  5. Following up the administrative procedures for the office.
  6. Preparation of annual report on the work and activities of the office.

Members’ Tasks of the Office and are concerned with:

  1. Following up the operational procedures to be taken from the decisions in the meetings of the office for each member for their college
  2. Providing the necessary data and information in decision-making.
  3. Participation in the meetings of the office and to express an opinion on topics started on the table.
  4. Conducting studies and research that can contribute to the improvement of the scientific performance and performance of the university.
  5. Giving definition about the office and its importance within the university.