Scientific Research and Consultancy Center


  1. To contribute to the development of scientific research to serve the community.
  2. Extending the bridges of communication and cooperation between the university and the surrounding environment.
  3. The investment of research and expertise in addressing the issues of the community including contributing to the overall development.


  1. To contribute to the development of plans and programs as to achieve the vision of the university.
  2. Supervision of the implementation of the strategic plan of the university in scientific research.
  3. Directing research and studies in the direction of development and community service.
  4. Giving scientific advice to productive and service institutions.
  5. To contribute to the achievement of comprehensive scientific renaissance keep pace with the times and maintain the nation s constants.


  • Leadership in studies, research, and quality of the scientific advice

  • Research specialized scientific centers aim at achieving an integrated comprehensive scientific renaissance through research, periods, high consultations and others in all majors in the areas of human and applied sciences and all majors related to the activity of faculties of the university. These centers practice their prerogatives under the direct supervision of the President of the university, and in particular the following:

    1. Proposing and identifying the objectives, policies and priorities of scientific research within the university to ensure the application of the resolutions of the university council.
    2. Undertaking research, studies, scientific consultations and setting time and practical programs to achieve the goals of the university.
    3. Preparing, training and developing qualified and trained human elements necessary to achieve its objectives.
    4. Coordination with the competent authorities related to the inside and outside of Libya regarding the achievement of its objectives.
    5. Involving the university studies and higher studies programs in the study and make solutions to the problems of the Libyan Arab society.
    6. Participating in the establishment of the research seminars and scientific symposia related to their area of specialty alone or in partnership with the debating bodies inside and outside of Libya.