Objectives, Message and Vision


  • Establishing Islamic values, Arab culture and promoting the national spirit.
  • Rising and developing scientific research and disseminating knowledge and critical thinking.
  • Recruiting scientific knowledge in the field of production and community development.
  • Preparing specialists in various branches of knowledge to keep pace with the progress in science and technology.
  • Making the university a center to attract those with scientific experiences and efficiency capable of doing construction and development.
  • Applying strict standards controlling the performance to make the university reach the highest levels of quality and bringing it to the top of universality.
  • Having ideal investment of the university potentials and resources available for developing performance and improving output.


  • Disseminating knowledge and developing scientific research using the latest methods.
  • Encouraging creativity and special innovation to serving the community.
  • Employing technology through partnership with local institutions and international ones.
  • Meeting the needs of the community with those of scientific experiences and efficiency capable of interacting with community issues.


  • Leadership in education, research, and service for society.