E-learning in Libya: Reality and Expectations During the Epidemic


  • Suliman Alfarawi




e-learning, epidemic, expectations, reality, Libya


Facing the new global pandemic of Corona virus has imposed a state of social distancing, isolation and closure of all educational institutions which led to a sudden shift to the e-learning option for many countries to enable millions of students to continue learning. However, the implementation of this system in some Arab countries needs a good infrastructure in the e-learning system including production centers, educational platforms and good capacity for the increased demand of Internet usage. Despite all these challenges and the political and economic instability that Libya is experiencing, some Libyan universities strive at the time of this epidemic in an individual way according to their available resources to implement e-learning, which includes online learning or through recorded lectures for the scientific subject to ensure the continuity of learning process. The current research is based on the hypothesis that e-learning or distance learning is a supplement of the traditional education style and not a substitute for it. In this context, the importance of e-learning in Libyan higher education sector was highlighted and how e-learning can temporarily replace the traditional education during the crisis. Finally, various electronic resources were reviewed including open courseware, educational platforms and Google applications to be sustained for e-learning. Also, concluding suggestions and recommendations are presented.


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سليمان الفراوي. (2020). E-learning in Libya: Reality and Expectations During the Epidemic. Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences, 19(4), 27–31. https://doi.org/10.51984/jopas.v19i4.877