Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences 2023-02-13T10:16:44+00:00 Dr. Mohamed Alamen Sharif Open Journal Systems <p>Journal of Pure &amp; Applied Sciences (JOPAS) is a part of Sebha university journals and published by Sebha University. JOPAS is an open access, peer-reviewed journal. JOPAS is committed to publish the latest research updates from scientists, researchers and students worldwide through one of the world’s best Open Journal Platforms. It publishes review article, regular article and short communication in all fields of pure and applied sciences. The different fields include but not limited to biological, natural and pure sciences. All articles will be peer reviewed with at least two blinded reviewers. Accepted manuscripts are published online as soon as the author approved the final proof. There are two volumes per year with unlimited numbers of articles. Accepted articles will be added to the current volume without any delay. Publishing with JOPAS is absolutely free in other words there will not be any handling, processing charges. </p> The Ratio Predator-Prey Model with Random Initial Conditions 2022-07-25T17:38:24+00:00 Almbrok Hussin Alsonosi Omar Iman Aissa Alghannay Ahmed <p>In this work, the predator-prey model with the ratio-dependent functional response is considered, where the randomness enters into the equations only through their initial conditions. It is done by assuming normal distribution as the initial states of the model to treat the randomness. The passage from the deterministic situation to the random one for these equations is also the most transparent. In addition, a numerical simulation will be offered using the modified approach founded on the fifth-order improved Runge-Kutta method. Furthermore, the stability of the equilibrium points, and certain statistical properties related to the random behaviour of predators and their prey, will be analyzed and discussed.</p> 2023-02-13T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences An Investigation into Material Handling Impact Factors on Performance Levels Within Libyan Service Organisations- A Case Study 2023-01-30T12:32:38+00:00 Faraj Farhat Eldabee <p>This paper focuses on investigating the impacts of material handling (MH) on the performance factors within Libyan service organisations. The main objective of this paper is to ascertain the impacts of MH within Al-Khoms seaport for achieving better performance and generating invaluable efficiency and cost reduction. An analytical descriptive approach is used, and findings illustrate that the role of MH management for minimising the whole expenses within the targeted seaport is the key performance among all the investigated factors. Also, a positive correlation between MH and the organisation performance factors was clearly seen since MH reduces handling costs, organisation hazards and idle time for labors. Based on the findings, further research will be proposed for improving the processes of MH and effective decisions within organisations using simulation models.</p> 2023-02-09T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences A simple & Rapid Method For Detecting Bacterial Myrosinase Corresponding Protein Band 2022-10-24T09:07:00+00:00 Abdulhadi Albaser Vijitra Luang-IN Numrah Nisar Nurul Huda Abd Kadir John T Rossiter <p>Myrosinases have significant scientific and medical implications. Unfortunately, detection and purification of myrosinase from microbes requires the use of highly cost substrates (glucosinolates) such as sinigrin and expensive instruments such as Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography and or ion exchange chromatography. In this work, we used only 20 mL of bacterial culture supplemented with sinigrin (10 mM) to obtain partially purified myrosinase. The crude protein extract was loaded onto native polyacrylamide gel and putative myrosinase band was identified and eluted. This step successfully minimised the numbers of protein bands of bacterial crude extracts to be further analysed. The current method describes a simple, rapid and cost effective protocol for isolation and detection of active bacterial myrosinases. Furthermore, our method can be used as a purification step.</p> 2023-03-15T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences A bridgeless AC-DC step up regulator circuit for piezoelectric energy harvester 2023-01-17T19:53:18+00:00 Adel Issa Ben Issa Salem Alarabi Shufat Jamal Mohamed Ahmed Hasan Abunouara <p>Various applications of the piezoelectric energy in the modern world require an efficient AC-DC low power converter. As the two stages converter with bridge rectifiers may not be used because the diodes would not be suitable for low volt ranging between 100 to 200mv, these are considered an efficient element in the low volt circuits because of their entire losses. In this paper, a small and efficient AC-DC low power converter is presented. It directly converts low AC voltage to the required output DC voltage using one stage instead of bridge rectification. The proposed converter combines both boost and buck boost converters which are parallel constructed to condition the positive and negative half cycle of the input AC volt respectively. Two inductors and one capacitor are used for booth circuits in terms of reducing the size. The circuit is tested at 50 kHz switching frequency with two different duty cycles to rectify a 0.5 AC volt to about 3 DC volts with an estimated efficiency of 65%. The simulation result was 3.7 DC V from 0.5 ACV. The circuit analysis and the design guide line are explained. The circuit is designed and tested using Matlab (Simulink) software.</p> 2023-02-21T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences