الثقة بالنفس جامعة سبها



الثقة بالنفس هي إحدى  الركائز الأساسية للشخصية  في تفاعلاتها الاجتماعية، والعلمية . …

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It was a start Sebha University The year 1976 when the College of Education was established as a branch ofTripoli University Sebha University was established in 1976 as the university of the University of Tripoli and the nucleus of the Sebha University. The Sebha University was established as an independent university in 1983. It included the Faculty of Education and Science and the Faculty of Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Economics and Accounting. Number of faculties of the university to 20 faculties distributed across different regions of the South


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  • During its long career, Sebha University has contributed to breaking the gap of ignorance and underdevelopment and establishing the bases of spatial development through its educational programs and scientific activities from various conferences, seminars, workshops and training programs in order to achieve its vision of "leadership in education, scientific research and community service"

    Dr.Abdulsalam Mitnanni - Director of the Center for Environmental Technology Studies and Studies
  • In recognition of our responsibility towards the members of the society, and the knowledge entitlements they require to open the horizons of knowledge and to introduce new and developed in the fields of science, we had to set ourselves a platform to build a scientific monument

    Dr. Massoud alrigig - University's president

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