The Second International Virtual Conference

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The second virtual international conference under the slogan: Corona's pandemic effects on economics and politics

The Second International Virtual Conference

The Second International Virtual Conference 2020

The second virtual international conference 2020

Under the slogan: Corona's effects on economy and politics

The effect ofCorona pandemic on economics and politics


The Corona pandemic has caused significant economic damage beyond the health effects of the virus, as the global economy has been greatly affected by this pandemic. Given the complexity of the crisis and the uncertainty about the spread of the virus and the policies that countries will take regarding the effects of this pandemic.

The governments of these countries have taken urgent measures to reduce the risk of the pandemic spreading, through a package of measures, represented in the partial and comprehensive closure of the borders, as well as the productive and service economic sectors that led to a decrease in consumption, investment, production, and the loss of millions of workers in their jobs, and as a result and as precautionary measures in order to Stimulating economic activity and saving its economies from collapse. Various governments of the countries of the world have initiated emergency plans to manage the crisis, by providing financial assistance to companies and individuals to maintain the guarantee and stability of the growth of their economies.

The International Monetary Fund believes that global GDP will contract this year compared to pre-epidemic forecasts and this contraction may continue until 2021, marking the deepest decline since the Great Depression.

In these circumstances, the decision-makers must put unconventional measures to deal with this crisis. Such as looking at interest rates, quantitative easing and credit relief (purchasing private assets) to support banks and money market funds and more facilities to encourage banks to lend to small and medium enterprises to maintain local economies and public employment.

Conference themes

1. The Economic Theme::

  • The direct and indirect effects of the spread of the Corona pandemic on the domestic and international economic situation
  • Corona's repercussions on oil markets.

2. The administrative axis:

  • Crisis management methods under the Corona pandemic.
  • Crisis management methods under the Corona pandemic.

3. Financial axis::

  • The future of domestic and international investment in light of the pandemic repercussions of Corona.
  • The impact of corona's pandemic repercussions on financial markets.
  • Electronic banking and its role in reducing repercussions such as Juhajrona.

4. The Political Theme::

  • Corona's pandemic political effects on the global system.
  • The future of international relations after the pandemic crisis Corona.

5. The accounting axis:

  • Corporate social responsibility under the Corona pandemic crisis.
  • The impact of the Corona pandemic on the application of accounting assumptions and principles.

Conference speakers

  • Dr. Suleiman Al-Shahoumi  Founder of the Libyan Money Market Biography Press here Press here 
  • الدكتور Suleiman Zouari Farhat Curriculum Vitae Press here

Sebha University intends to organize a virtual scientific scientific conference entitled: The second virtual international conference (the impact of the Corona pandemic on economics and politics) on 20-6-2020 From this perspective, the scientific committee of the conference invites all researchers and those interested in all educational institutions and related institutions and civil society institutions To present their research and ideas on the problems raised.

For more information about the conference, you can visit the conference website at the following link

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