Committee Affairs Office

Committee Affairs Office

The belief of Sebha University of the importance of evaluation in the improvement of the educational process and the administrative process is to develop the Office of Performance Evaluation in the university which is an independent office works to improve performance and raise it, and it ensures the quality of educational output to achieve the following objectives:

Preparation and formulation of projects of- regulations and decisions in the university in coordination with the competent authorities of the relationship.

Providing a legal opinion as requested and to- prepare legal memos about the projects.

-Formulation of (wording) contracts entered into by the university.

-Formulation of projects of conventions the university holds with other bodies.

-Contacting legal departments and offices of other sectors in all legal matters of the university.

-Following up the lawsuits brought by or against the university and preparing necessary legal memos about them.

-Taking investigations assigned to it and presenting the results of that.

-Any other matters assigned to it.