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Agreement to form a scientific advisory committee from Sabha University and Sebha Municipal Council to combat the Corona virus

Agreement to form a scientific advisory committee from Sabha University and Sebha Municipal Council to combat the Corona virus
Sebha University
It may be hidden from many that universities, in addition to being educational institutions, are centers of epistemic and cultural radiation for societies because they affect and are affected by the surrounding environment, and they are concerned with all that they are exposed to: issues, problems at all levels. And the university: is ...

Sabha University's campaign to combat (Corona virus) in a precautionary and preventive step

جامعة سبها حملة بعنوان
جامعة سبها فيروس كورونا احترازية ووقائية
حملة جامعة سبها لمكافحة (فيروس كورونا). في خطوة احترازية، ووقائية، من الخطوات الفاعلة، والمهمة، التي يحسب لها الكثير من : الفضل، والشكر، والتقدير في الجانب الطبي. بدأت جامعة سبها حملة التعقيم، والتطهير ضد الوباء العالمي : (فيروس كورونا) منتصف شهر (3)مارس. وشملت هذه الحملة : تعقيم …

A meeting at Sebha University regarding the decision of the Presidential Council for preliminary measures for Corona virus

. On Sunday morning, March 15, 2020, a meeting was held in the university’s president’s office to discuss the presidential council’s decision. The meeting was chaired by: Dr. (Masoud Al-Raqiq) The President of the University, in the presence of the members: the Deputy of Scientific Affairs, the General Clerk, the directors of departments, centers, and department heads. The attendees discussed at this meeting: the President of the Presidential Council of the National Accord Government, No. 2 of the year (2020), and the development of executive arrangements that can be made to prevent: (Virus Corona) Among the most prominent things discussed in this meeting are the following:

Meeting of the committee formed to develop a proposed regulation for the medical clinic

The meetings of the committee formed according to the decision of the President of the University regarding the development of a proposal for the organizational regulations of the university's medical clinic have been held. It held its second meeting this morning, Wednesday 3/3/2020 AD, in the office of Mr. Vice-Dean of the College of Medicine for Scientific Affairs, who presided over the meeting and in the presence of the members of the Committee. The Director of the Office of Administrative and Financial Affairs of the University’s Language Center and Professor Salem Abdel Hamid Al-Dallouly reviewed through him what the Committee reached during its first meeting, adding some proposals and amendments to be printed and reviewed in its final form and presented as a draft list For the aforementioned worship on the rector of the university

University President meeting with the directors of the research centers

University President meeting with the directors of the research centers
Sebha University
Dr.: (Masoud Al-Raqiq) held a meeting on Monday morning 3/3/2020 at his office in the university's general administration. The meeting was attended by: The Vice-Chancellor of Scientific Affairs of the University, and directors of scientific and research centers. In this meeting, they discussed: developing the work of the centers affiliated with the university, activating their role in an manner commensurate with the university's vision, goals, and supreme mission, and pushing the centers wheel to meet the university's aspirations and achieving its goals.

Important announcement regarding the establishment of a workshop between Sebha University and the Libyan Society for Quality and Excellence in Education.

Sebha University
Quality and guarantee in the Libyan governmental universities and academies 2019 / reality and development potential
With the slogan “Where obstacles and challenges exist, there are opportunities for improvement and development
A workshop entitled: (Quality and Quality Assurance in Libyan Governmental Universities and Academies 2019 / Reality and Development Possibilities) was held with the slogan "Where there are obstacles and challenges, there are opportunities for improvement and development" on Tuesday morning, 10 / March / 2020 in the meeting hall of the Public Administration between: University ...

Training course entitled: (Principles of Computer)

A training course entitled: (Computer Principles) A ​​training course entitled: (Computer Principles) was held on the morning of Sunday, 3/8/2020 at the University's Training and Development Center, prepared and presented by the trainer: (Hassan Al-Shaibani). This course lasts a period of (3) weeks, and it is a course directed at new employees at the university.



Site: A Sabha University || Office: Council Affairs | Ground number: ...

(The third exhibition of the College of Energy and Mining Engineering)

Sebha University
 (The third exhibition of the College of Energy and Mining Engineering)
The officials of the College of Energy and Mining Engineering opened the college’s exhibition at its third session on Sunday morning 3/82020 in the college’s laboratory dedicated to holding such celebrations. The College of Engineering participated in this exhibition with its four departments, which are: 1- Department of Materials Engineering and Corrosion. 2- Oil and Gas Engineering Department. 3- Department of Chemical Engineering. ...

Participant, Department of Sociology, at the Scientific Conference sponsored by the University of Benghazi, entitled: (Divorce / Reasons, and Solutions)

A scientific conference entitled: (Divorce / Reasons, and Solutions) The Department of Sociology and Social Service, College of Arts, Sebha University participated in a scientific conference sponsored by the University of Benghazi entitled: (Divorce / Reasons, and Solutions) on the seventh and eighth of March 2020 in Benghazi. The head of the department, Dr. Yusef Al-Said, participated in a scientific paper entitled: (The reality of divorce in the Libyan south, an analytical documentary study). Dr. Munira Al-Taweeb, member of the teaching staff of the department, participated in a scientific paper entitled: (The Malaysian Experience in the Family Side ,,, and the Possibility of Application in Libya).

Sabha University Council approved the educational diploma program for college graduates

Sebha University
Educational diploma for college graduates
The Council of Sabha University has approved the educational diploma for college graduates, and the council will start opening the door to apply for enrollment in the educational diploma program ,,, which is to be held at the College of Arts this year: 2020. The educational diploma program includes the following:

1- General Diploma.

2- A special diploma for people with special needs.

3- Kindergarten diploma.

4- Diploma of libraries.

5-دبلوم إدارة مستشفيات، ورعاية صحية. …

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