Administrative and academic electronic systems


Administrative and academic electronic systems Sebha University Libya, where Sabha University pays great attention to switching to electronic transactions in all its administrative procedures, which are the first Libyan universities to use the electronic system. With the accelerating rhythm in the field of administrative information technology, the old convictions and customs in management started falling apart in front of this technical creep, forcing the owners of these convictions to bring about radical changes in them, and the computer and communication networks became two examples that imposed themselves on contemporary administrative thought and became indispensable About them in the work of the administration in the educational and non-educational institutions of the community, a desire to achieve the quality of the outputs, the provision of expenditures, the speed of delivery, and the transparency of transactions in view of the great development that is besieging information technology at the university and converting the traditional procedures at the university into an electronic form, it has become a necessity to limit these services and define them clearly Easily accessible to the beneficiaries. This website, Sabha University’s electronic systems, is a guide to the electronic services that the university provides to its students, faculty, or employees. Keywords electronic systems university Sebha Libya. There are many electronic and administrative systems in Sabha University

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