Environmental pollution damage to waste

أضرار تلوث البيئة بالنفايات جامعة سبها
Environmental pollution damage to waste

Environmental pollution damage to waste

Environmental pollution damage to waste

To everyone who is interested in the municipality of Sebha

I would like to mention the total risks resulting from the accumulation of garbage and the most important environmental and health hazards that arise from it, and put forward a set of proposals and solutions to this problem. Such as all kinds of carbon oxides and methane gas, and the Khan emitted from burning waste carries various gases that contain toxic substances that are harmful to human health. It also has dangerous radiation that harms the surrounding environment, including humans and animals. It also has an impact on the people who live next to it. They are among the most vulnerable to diseases, we mention some of them as follows:

Smoke causes burning eyes, nose, and throat in addition to coughing, headache, shortness of breath and asthma as well. Also, CH2O gas is a colorless gas in the normal temperature, fast soluble in water and flammable, a substance that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified as a carcinogen, and dioxins.

Who is most sensitive to smoke from burning garbage:

Children are more sensitive to air pollution, and exposure to polluted air is also very harmful for pregnant women, the elderly, and people with various lung and heart diseases. As for athletes, their health is also at risk during exercise hours.

The most important damages resulting from long-term exposure to waste burning smoke:

Cancer: Contaminated air from burning waste carries carcinogens - affects the immune system and hormonal system - damages the respiratory system - obstructs the supply of oxygen to the body's cells - blockages in the heart muscle, especially in heart patients.

The most important and prominent solutions for the safe disposal of household waste and organic waste:

Energy production: "Burning waste inside private incinerators can reduce the volume of waste by about 90%. This way it prevents pollution damage caused by open drains and also reduces health problems." In this way it is possible to desalinate water as well as produce electric energy. This method is used in many developed countries such as: Germany, the Netherlands, and others.

There is landfill rather than burning, where the process is dealt with} in an engineering way, in terms of site selection, method of burial and waste coverage, according to the scientific and engineering foundations.

Waste recycling: Reuse of this waste and encouraging citizens to use it, such as glass, plastic and iron, after recycling it again, in addition to using health incinerators designed according to international specifications and standards.

Preventing random landfills, and to assist the state in establishing health incinerators, allocating lands for sanitary landfills and landfills, and investing the areas where the burning took place so as to bring environmental and economic benefit.

Prof. Dr. / Abdel-Qader Al-Senussi Qassem Al-Zain

Environmental pollution damage to waste

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