The second opportunity is launched from the placement of university colleges and higher institutes of technical education


The second opportunity is launched from the placement of university colleges and higher institutes of technical education

The second opportunity is launched from the placement of university colleges and higher institutes of technical education

تنسيب الطلبة والطالبات بالفرصة الثانية بالكليات الجامعية والمعاهد العليا.

زملائي الأفاضل، السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.
In preparation for launching the second opportunity of placement for university colleges, colleges, and higher institutes of technical education, we would like to publish the absorptive capabilities that will be offered to successful students in the 2018/2019 academic year who have not yet been admitted (all successful in the second round + successful students in the first round who did not participate In placement, or they participated and did not get a place according to their desires due to the absorptive capacity).


We also show the absorptive capacities available for the second opportunity are the absorptive capacity monitored for the second opportunity + the remainder of the absorptive capacity of the college after the placement at the first opportunity, which is shown in the last column of the attached statement under the title (Total for the second opportunity), in the attached PDF file herewith: Initial Capacities , Second Round entitled “Capacity for the academic year 2019-2020 - Second Chance”.
Allah willing, the registration will be announced tomorrow, Tuesday, November 26, at 6:00 pm, and registration will be closed on Thursday, December 5, at the same time, God willing.

In order to avoid the possibility of another person entering the name of the student, changing his desires, or recording desires that do not belong to him, a mechanism has been developed that depends on a secret number that will be sent to each student via his code, to ensure that access to the system is only possible by the student himself.
For a student who has been appointed and does not wish to study in the college to which he was assigned, a special form will be circulated for assignment, provided that it is completed and signed by the student and approved by the attendants of the public registrants in universities and higher institutes, and it is sent through the Viber room “Student placement” “For placement. It is also possible to use the same form in the event that a student lodged a grievance in the result of placement at the first opportunity.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation and effective contribution to the success of the second opportunity of the placement, with our sincere best wishes for all success. Capacity file - the second opportunity.


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Placement for colleges of higher institutes of technical education

Site: General Administration Sebha University || Office || Ground No .: 2625310 || City: Sebha .

For more information placement for colleges of higher institutes of technical education please contact: 712632960


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About University

Sabha University was initially established from the College of Education in Sebha as a branch of the University of Tripoli in the year 1976, which later became the nucleus of the first Sebha University. In the beginning of 1983 AD, Decree No. 187 of 1983 of the previous General People's Committee was issued regarding the opening of the University of Sebha as an independent university in the city of Sebha and included in the beginning the colleges of education and science and with the passage of time many colleges were opened according to the needs of the region until the number of university colleges reached twenty-one colleges Spread over different regions of the south, one outside the country.

Where initially included the faculties of education and science and then the faculties of human medicine, agriculture, engineering and technical sciences, economics and accounting until the number of faculties of the university to twenty-two faculties distributed over the different regions of the south. It currently has more than 25,000 students and more than 1300 faculty members and 3500 employees, in addition to 7 research centers spread over the geographical area of the southern region.

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