Scientific Research Ethics Committee

Scientific Research Ethics Committee:

Morality is one of the most important pillars of work and life in societies, and it is a
necessity of civilized life and a basic requirement for the organization and stability of
society, dictated by our sincere religion, approved by social norms, and framed by
legislation and laws.

The Ethical Charter is broader in scope and more detailed than the set of principles
and rules contained in the law; it builds on them, details their applications and
significance, and adds to them things that have not been addressed by the legal text,
through the legitimate, social, and cultural controls prevailing in society.

The profession of education is a noble profession, it plays a fundamental role in the
growth and progress of society; therefore, its practice requires commitment to
virtuous and noble morals, and Sebha university, like other universities and
educational and research institutions, is concerned with building a person, and
preparing him to play his role in life.

The university has set among its goals the dissemination of ethical values and the
keenness to adhere to them in all its programs, policies and strategies, as the
university is responsible for the dissemination and development of moral
commitment among all its employees.

Scientific research is one of the finest activities that can be practiced by the human
mind, in order to achieve development and advancement of countries, it is the
natural basis for any civilizational renaissance, especially in the modern era, but
some of these researches may have effects that lead to ethical dilemmas on man
and his social and environmental environment;

therefore, many countries of the
world have shown remarkable interest in ethical issues in scientific research; to
increase awareness of the importance of national laws and laws in this field; therefore, it was established in 2016 The National Committee for biosafety and bioethics in Libya, which aims to promote the principles of ethical values in scientific research.

At Sebha University, scientific research represents a fundamental pillar in the
University and higher education system, in accordance with national requirements
and scientific and technical development, it performs an important and fundamental
mission in this system, to achieve the University’s vision of “leadership in education,
scientific research and community service”.

Based on this vision, the University seeks to develop its programs under an ethical
charter that ensures adherence to the literature and values of scientific research
required by quality standards, and emphasizes ethical commitment in performance
and relationship with others in accordance with national and international

This charter defines the general framework of ethical principles and values that
faculty members, researchers and students of undergraduate and graduate studies
at Sebha university should be guided by, and all parties to the research process
should adhere to enhance the ethics of sober scientific research at the University.

The committee for the preparation of the Charter of ethics of scientific research at
the university (decision of the president of the University No. 376 of 2018)