Graduate Studies Committee

University Graduate Studies Committee :

It is a committee formed by the decision of the University Council, chaired by the Vice President of Academic Affairs at the University, and composed of the heads of
the graduate studies committees in the colleges that offer postgraduate programs.
The Director of the Graduate Studies Department at the University is also a member
and secretary of the committee.

The committee discusses the following matters:

  • Study and admissions.
  • Consideration of complaints submitted by academic departments.
  • Reviewing proposals from the graduate studies committees in the colleges and forwarding their recommendations to the relevant authorities for decision-making and implementation.
  • Supervising graduate studies at the university, monitoring and coordinating them, developing plans and programs, and allocating financial resources.

Graduate Studies Forum

Graduate Studies Committee meeting

College Graduate Studies Committee:

The College Graduate Studies Committee is formed under the chairmanship of the Director
of the Graduate Studies Office in the College, and the membership of postgraduate studies coordinators in scientific departments that have postgraduate studies Its mission is to:

  • Organizing and supervising postgraduate studies in the college.
  • Assigning professors who supervise theses and scientific theses in coordination with the scientific departments.
  • Organizing registration, admission and transfer to the college.
  • Conducting equations and determining estimates in coordination with the relevant scientific departments.
  • Organizing study and exams at the college.

Department Postgraduate Studies Committee:

The graduate studies committee is called the department, and it consists of the presidency
of the postgraduate studies coordinator in the scientific department, and the membership of
two faculty members in the scientific department. its mission is Teaching in the scientific department :

  • Supervision of postgraduate studies in the scientific department.
  • Studying the applications of applicants for postgraduate studies in the department, supervising the entrance exam, conducting personal interviews for applicants, and submitting proposals regarding them to the scientific department council.
  • Studying transfer requests to the department and making equations.
  • Suggesting the absorptive capacity of the scientific department.
  • Suggesting and developing programs and setting up the programs implemented for them in
    the scientific department.
  • Studying vocabulary proposals, special subjects courses proposed by faculty members before being approved by the Scientific Department Council.
  • Proposing discussion committees for theses and dissertations.
  • Studying and evaluating research plans and submitting them to the department council for approval.
  • Follow-up the implementation of research plans, and submit periodic reports on them to the department council in coordination with the supervisors..
  • Follow up the progress of postgraduate studies and supervise examinations in the scientific department.

The second periodic meeting of postgraduate offices

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Phone: 0712629201