Tasks of the Alumni Association

  • Community service, environment and sustainable development of the university through university graduates
  • Preparing programs, projects and dialogues and following up their implementation
  • Providing graduates constantly with new in their fields and specialties to develop their scientific and professional level and skills.
  • Contribution Preparing and updating the university graduates directory annually with the university's alumni department
  • Helping in preparing the alumni handbook annually by contacting the alumni department at the university
  • Building channels of communication and continuous communication through various means of communication to enhance the graduate's relationship with his university
  • Meaningful cooperation to serve graduates, the university, the local and international community.
  • Effective communication with companies and institutions.
  • Helping companies and institutions looking for employees to reach university graduates easily and choose the right employee.
  • Helping to secure graduate job opportunities that suit their specializations.
  • Follow up on the university’s graduate career status in terms of the nature of the job for the majors available at the university
  • Preparing questionnaires and opinion polls to measure the graduates' satisfaction with the university