Vision, mission, goals, objectives, and values



Leadership in education, scientific research, and community service


Spreading knowledge, developing scientific research using the latest methods, encouraging creativity and distinguished innovation in community service, and localizing and employing technology through effective partnership with local and international institutions and meeting the needs of the community in terms of scientific expertise and competencies capable of interacting with community issues.


  • Establishing Islamic values, Arab culture and promoting the national spirit.
  • Rising and developing scientific research and disseminating knowledge and critical thinking.
  • Recruiting scientific knowledge in the field of production and community development.
  • Preparing specialists in various branches of knowledge to keep pace with the progress in science and technology.
  • Making the university a center to attract those with scientific experiences and efficiency capable of doing construction and development.
  • تطبيق معايير دقيقة تحكم الأداء للوصول بالجامعة إلى أعلى مستويات الجودة والرقي بها للعالمية.
  • Having ideal investment of the university potentials and resources available for developing performance and improving output.


  • Quality
  • Entrepreneurship and continuing education
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Societal responsibility


  • Graduating distinguished cadres capable of innovation and competition in the labor market
  • Development of university and graduate studies and scientific research
  • Community service and the environment