Administration Affairs of Teaching Members


Administration Affairs of Teaching  Members Sebha University :

The Administration Affairs of Teaching Members , is concerned with everything related to Teaching Members and taking the Necessary measures to Overcome the Difficulties facing their work so that they can perform their Educational and Research tasks to the fullest.

Director of Teaching Affairs Administration at Sebha University

Dr.Taha Ibrahim Ali Abdullah

Phone Number: 0712628141

This Administration implementing  its functions through the following offices:

  • It specializes in the following:

    1. Carrying out the Affairs of the National Teaching Members, Overcoming the Difficulties they encounter, and proposing the principles and Controls to improve their performance of their duties and Responsibilities at the University.
    2. Follow-up the Scientific Activities of the National Teaching Members, prepare Reports on the Studies and Research they carry out, and complete their Evaluation Procedures.
    3. Organizing participation of national Teaching Members in Scientific Seminars and conferences at National and International.
    4. Leading Matters related of hiring national Teaching Members from outside the University in the work of Teaching and Training.
    5. Preparation of staffing Procedures for Teaching Members.
    6. Keeping the main Files of the Teaching Members, and all Matters related to the Teaching Member, with opening a sub-file in the Faculties.

  • Specializes in the following:

    1. Take charge of Non-National Teaching members’ Contracts, Procedures for Concluding them, Evaluating their Scientific and Educational status, and Preparing the Necessary Reports on them.
    2. Handling the necessary measures to Attend, Receive, Reside and bid farewell to visiting Professors and examiners to Facilitate the Task of performing their Academic Duties.
    3. Follow-up the Scientific Activities of the Non-National Teaching Members, prepare Reports on the Studies and research they carry out, and work on Evaluating them.
    4. Organizing  participation of non-national Teaching Members in Scientific Seminars and Conferences at National and International.
    5. In charge of seeking help and keeping key Files with Non-National Faculty Members from Outside the University in Teaching and Training work.

  • Specializes in the following:

    1. Providing and equipping Appropriate housing for Teaching Members to enable them to settle down, and create a Suitable Scientific Environment for Research and Creativity.
    2. Welcoming Teaching Members in the University housing, and enabling them to live in it according to the Regulations that are renewed by the University.
    3. Supervising the University Housing, following up the Maintenance Work, and informing the competent Authority of the University about any defect or malfunction for Repair.
    4. Preparing the Necessary Studies and Programs that will provide the Necessary Housing for Teaching Members.
    5. Contacting the competent Authorities, and coordinating with them regarding obtaining plots of land or Housing to be distributed to Teaching Members, according to the Rules and Conditions set by the University.

The Administration of Teaching Members Affairs at Sebha University is pleased to present to the University family a guide to the procedures of Administration Members at the University as a contribution to facilitating the work of the Administration and accelerating Procedures for Contractors with the University so that it was keen that the guide fulfills all Information and Forms and enables Readers to follow the procedure without questioning. Since this guide is the first of its kind, we invite all Members of the Administration and the University family to provide us with their observations and additions in order to be more informed in the future in the Service of this Administration.