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Resolution No. (10) of 31 CE 2001

Regarding the re-issuance of the list of educational therapeutic specialist clinics

 After perusal of Law No. 1/92 on the regulation of higher education. Law No. 55/76 on the civil service and its executive regulations. And the General People's Committee Resolution No. 187/83 regarding the establishment of Sabha University, and the General People's Committee Resolution No. 187/83/633/92 regarding the organizational structure of universities. And on the letter of the Brother / General Writer of the General People's Committee for Education and Scientific Research No. (1022) referred to the Brother / General Secretary of the General People's Committee for Health. And on the message of the brother / general clerk in charge of the General People's Committee for Health No. 6452/1428 AD and the General Union of Doctors permission No. 40/1998 P for practicing the profession of medicine in the clinic and on the decision of the Secretary of the People's Committee in the University No. 29/196 regarding the regulation of specialized consulting clinics and the minutes of the meeting of specialized clinics The consultative meeting held on 3/28/1430 AD.


Article (1)

The provisions of the Regulation of Specialized Clinical Educational Consultative Clinics attached to the provisions of this decree shall apply to employees of the Specialist Consultative Clinics affiliated to the University of Sebha.

Article 2

The Secretary of the People's Committee of the University No. 26/26 AD regarding the list of specialized consulting clinics shall be canceled, and every ruling that violates the provisions of this decision shall be canceled.

Article (3)

This decision shall be enforced from 1/10/2000, and the competent authorities shall put it into effect.

Regarding the re-issuance of the list of educational therapeutic specialist clinics

Article (1)

A group of educational consulting therapeutic clinics shall be established, with an administrative and financial affiliation with the University of Sebha.

Article 2

The consulting clinics specialize in providing their services in the following specialties:

1- Children 2- Esotericism 3- Women and childbirth

4- Surgery 5- Dermatology 6- Psychiatric and Neurological diseases

7 bones 8 nose, ear, and throat 9 eyes

10- Teeth 11- Medical tests

Any other specializations may be added if the necessary capabilities are available according to the proposal of the clinic manager.

Article (3)

A supervisory committee shall be formed from:

  1. Office of Vice Scientific Affairs
  2. 3. Administrative and Financial Affairs Department
  3. Office of Vice Scientific Affairs
  4. University Controller Finance
  5. The aforementioned supervisory committee shall be competent to carry out the following:
  • Outline the clinic policy.
  • Putting solutions to the problems facing the workflow.
  • Work on developing clinics.

مادة (4)

Specialized therapeutic consultative educational clinics are managed by an administrative and financial manager in respect of which a decision is issued by the president of the university based on a proposal from the supervisory committee, provided that it is from one of the doctors or one of the major disciplines.

مادة (5)

The administrative structure of the specialist consulting clinics consists of:

First: the general manager of the clinics, who specializes in the following:

Representing clinics in front of legal entities in agreements and transactions.

Follow up the daily work of the clinics.

ثانياً: مكتب الشؤون الإدارية والمالية :

  1. 1- Administrative Affairs Office

a . Public Relations Unit b. Archives and Printing Unit c. Information Unit

Undertakes the following:

  • To carry out administrative and affiliated affairs and archives including incoming and outgoing mail and prepare the necessary records for that.
  • Print works.
  • Implementing procedures related to public relations work in clinics.
  • Monitor the movement of vehicles for clinics, organize them and take all procedures related to them.
  • Supervision and follow-up to guard clinics.
  • Organizing the admission process for clinics and taking the necessary procedures for that.
  • Maintaining security and order inside the clinics and informing the competent authorities of any violations and problems that occurred in a timely manner.
  1. 2- The Financial Affairs Office

a. Financial Affairs Department b. Accounts Unit c. Stores and Purchases Unit

Undertakes the following:

Collect the daily revenue from the clinics and deposit it in the clinic’s account with the bank.

Preparing bonuses for clinic employees in accordance with the percentages indicated in these regulations.

Work coupons approved from financial affairs in accordance with the regulations in force by the university's financial department.

Maintain a copy of the financial documents after completing the exchange procedures by the university's financial department.

Prepare detailed monthly reports for revenues and expenses.

Preparing and reviewing contracts.

Disbursing and purchasing what clinics need of equipment requirements for operation.

Check and review all clinic accounts.

Preparing the annual financial report for the clinics.

Carrying out any other functions provided for in the applicable financial legislation.


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