Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental Management

The Department of Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment Sebha University:

The Department of Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment was established at Sebha University under the decision of the University President, number ( ) for the year 2020, in accordance with Law No. (93) of 1976 concerning Industrial Security and Occupational Safety,   as well as Minister of Labor’s Decision No. (8) of 1974 issuing regulations for the protection of workers’  health and safety.This department was also established to comply with advanced international laws.

Due to the multitude and diversity of scientific and technical specializations, the
increase in research output, scientific and technological advancements witnessed by
the university recently, in addition to the expansion of its geographical area and the
increase in student numbers, the need for a dedicated department for occupational
health, safety, and environment at the university has become imperative.

Focusing on occupational health and safety within any institution is an indication of
administrative, cultural, and economic planning advancements. It reflects the
general awareness of the importance of safety and its role in preserving the primary
production elements, including the safety of personnel inside and outside the
institution, as well as the safety of facilities, equipment, materials, and production

Objectives of the Department:

  • Establishing and implementing an occupational health, safety, and
    environmental system at the university, continuously improving it, and
    coordinating with relevant entities inside and outside the university to
    preserve lives, properties, and the surrounding environment.
  • Preparedness and participation in emergency situations that may arise,
    maintaining ongoing coordination with other departments within the
    university regarding accidents, natural disasters, and developing a response
  • Activating the role of staff members in the Occupational Health and Safety
    Management Department at the university, providing training, qualification,
    and enhancing their capabilities to carry out assigned tasks in different
    university facilities.
  • Ensuring the application of occupational health and safety principles in all
    operational and maintenance activities, suggesting methods to protect and preserve
    the environment from pollution.
  • Studying, developing, and updating occupational health, safety, and
    environmental systems in university buildings and facilities, keeping up with modern
  • Raising awareness and developing university staff, informing them of their duties
    and preventive actions during emergencies and public disasters, training them in civil
    defense activities to utilize their skills when needed.

Organizational Structure of the Department:

The organizational structure of the Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment
Department consists of a department director and the following sections: