Leadership and Innovation Center


Leadership&Innovation Center Sebha University Resolution 543/2018 issued by the Minister of Education .
The center mainly and substantially focuses on disseminating entrepreneurial thought and leadership leadership among university students, by providing the technical, administrative and financial support necessary for innovative and entrepreneurial ideas and projects in the university community and the local community and in cooperation and integration with the private sector in an effort to support the economic empowerment of these societies so that It is able to make a real contribution to achieving sustainable development, and it also helps students establish new technology companies..

مكتب المكلية الفكرية والابتكار وبراءات الاختراع

The vision

Reaching an innovative and pioneering university community capable of real contribution to achieving sustainable economic development.

The message

Upgrading the level of innovation, creativity and leadership, and enhancing the university community’s competitiveness capabilities and by providing a stimulating and incubating environment for the owners of pioneering ideas and innovative projects to bring about development and growth, by working to develop innovative skills for professors and students and helping them to establish their entrepreneurial projects in cooperation with government and private agencies In various business sectors in the Libyan state.

مركز الريادة والابتكار جامعة سبها
مركز الريادة والابتكار جامعة سبها
مركز الريادة والابتكار

Director of Entrepreneurship Innovation Sebha University : Dr. Omar Abu al-Qasim Gabriel Sassi

To view the CV of the Director of the Center, please click on the following link: CV

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مركز الريادة والابتكار

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