Office of National Faculty Members Affairs and includes the following:


وتختص بكافة ما يتعلق بأعضاء هيئة التدريس و اتخاذ الإجراءات اللازمة لتذليل الصعوبات التي تواجه عملهم ليتمكنوا من أداء مهامهم التعليمية و البحثية علي أكمل وجه، و تمارس هذه الإدارة مهامها من خلال المكاتب.

Affairs of Nonnational Members of Teaching Staff and include the following:
  1. Managing contracts for the nonnational members of teaching staff, and the procedures for entering into them, assessing their scholarly and educational establishments and preparing the necessary reports for them.
  2. Taking the necessary procedure for coming, reception, staying and farewell for visiting professors and examiner professors to facilitate the task toward their performance for their scholarly tasks.
  3. Following up scholarly activities of the nonnational members of teaching staff and preparing reports about studies and research carried out by them and to evaluate them.
  4. Organizing the participation of non national members of teaching staff in symposia and scholarly conferences inside and abroad.
  5. Managing affairs to make use of non national staff members from outside the university in the work of teaching and training..
  6. Keeping records of the main files of non national faculty members from outside the university in the work of teaching and training.

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