Office of Inspection and Follow-up

Sebha University Inspection and Follow-up Office:

The Inspection and Follow-up Office of Sebha University is responsible for the following:

  1. Follow-up the safety of all administrative procedures, identify the defects , and provide suggestions to the solution for the defects in them.
  2. Doing what would lead to the regularity and smooth functioning of work within the University.
  3. . Inspection and follow-up on the Sebha University’s devices to ensure the correctness of the Administrative and Financial procedures to ensure adherence to the proper disposal of the University’s funds.
  4. Not violating established rules, in accordance with the legislation in force, and Controlling administrative and financial violations and reporting them.
  5. Preparing comprehensive reports on Administrative and Financial affairs at the University, and submitting the necessary proposals in this regard.
  6. Following the legislation issued in the matter of  higher Education of University or related to its work, and reviewing the executive measures taken in this regard.
  7. Follow-up the technical staff at the University about the Implementation of projects, and stand on the extent of their commitment to the terms of implementation and submit reports on that.
  8. Follow-up the work of the committees formed, for specific tasks in the University and the extent of their speed of completion of the work.

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