Administration of Technical Affairs and Projects


Administration of Technical Affairs and Projects at Sebha University

It specializes in all works related to managing Technical affairs and Projects, supervising the implementation of University projects, and providing opinions and Technical advice.

مشروعات منظمة الاغدية والزراعة FAO

The Technical Affairs and Projects Administration implement its competencies through the following two offices:

  • It specializes in the following:

    1. Participate in preparing the University’s transformation Budget.
    2. Participate in the study of the University’s needs of Scientific devices and Equipment and prepare Reports on them.
    3. Providing Opinions and Technical Advice to the University.
    4. Carrying out Maintenance and Technical Services for all the University’s various Facilities, Equipment, Operation, Maintenance and Registration of Buildings.
    5. Establishing and Organizing University Gardens and Supervising Gardening Works to ensure that the University appears Aesthetically Appropriate.
    6. Supervising Animal Barns and providing the Necessary Nutrition in Coordination with the relevant Scientific Departments.

  • It specializes in the following:

    1. Proposing Project plans for the University and its Colleges and following up on their Implementation and Evaluation.
    2. Participate in Preparing the University’s Transformation Budget.
    3. Preparing Designs, Maps and Technical Studies related to University Projects.
    4. Supervision of higher Education Projects at the University.
    5. Providing Opinions and Advice to the University in Relation to the proposed Projects being implemented at the University.