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Welcome to the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department (Office of the General Writer) Sebha University

It is responsible for the educational affairs of university students, direct supervision of the school system, monitoring the application of study regulations and examinations, and supervising, directing and coordinating all the organizational divisions that are subordinate to it or supervised by:

Ethics is a necessity of civilized life, and a basic requirement for the organization and stability of society, and its absence means the supremacy of the law of chaos. And the university in particular, as an institution with an educational, enlightening and educational role, is responsible for spreading morals not only in its practice, but also in its policy and in everything it advocates. The university is responsible for moral obligation to perform, and it is also responsible for developing moral obligation among its students. The General Registrar of Sebha University

Among the competencies of the General Registrar Department are Sebha University, registering students affiliated with the university, and preparing records and statements containing all information about them. And prepare detailed statistics and data on the number of students enrolled in the university, according to their gender, nationality, years of study, divisions of specialization and place of scholarship. Preparing statistics on students graduating from the university in detail, and preparing the university guide for them. Preparing statistics on non-formal students. Take care and care of international student registration and follow-up affairs, prepare detailed statistics on them and submit necessary reports on them. And proposing the annual plan for the university and students' activities. And equipping and preparing the students' accommodations in the student homes in a manner that creates an appropriate scientific and cultural environment for the student, and working on the continuation of this practical climate throughout the academic year, and providing useful suggestions in that. Preparing and producing teaching aids at the university. And monitoring, research and analysis of various phenomena within the university and the impact of this on the educational process, and to make recommendations on them. General Registrar Administration Sebha University

المسجل العام جامعة سبها

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