University Council Affairs Office


يختص مكتب شؤون مجلس الجامعة بالاختصاصات و  المهام التي يكلف بها و منها يختص بما يلي :

  1. Receive the topics presented to the university president and assistant, and collect the necessary data and information.
  2. Prepare a draft agenda for the meetings of the university’s council in coordination with the university’s president, edit its records, record its decisions, and communicate them to the competent authorities, colleges and units affiliated with the university.
  3. Receive the minutes of the university council meetings, present them to the university president, and empty their decisions and notify them.
  4. Organizing the university president's contacts and work programs
  5. Receive incoming correspondence to the President of the University, prepare his correspondences, save and provide the information he requests.
  6. Carrying out other tasks assigned to him by the President of the University.
مكتب شؤون مجلس الجامعة
مكتب شؤون مجلس الجامعة