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Sabha University Language Center


The Language Center at Sebha University was established in accordance with the decision of the General People's Committee for Higher Education “Previously” No. “23” for the year 2008 AD, and it is affiliated with the University Council and teaches live languages ​​such as English - French - Spanish - Italian ...


Excellence in language learning and community service.


  1. Opening the way for anyone wishing to learn the languages ​​that the center teaches.
  2. Providing educational programs of various purposes, goals and levels in the field of language teaching.
  3. Contribute to the advancement of society and the development of science and the arts by taking up linguistic knowledge.


The language center of Sebha University aims, through language courses, to provide educational programs of various purposes, goals and levels in the field of language education, and it aims in particular to achieve the following: -

  1. Carrying out the educational policy approved by the Ministry in the field of language education.
  2. Organizing educational courses in the field of language at various levels and providing the needs of learners through an academic methodology specializing in language education according to the latest theories and curricula.
  3. Find study opportunities to qualify delegates to study abroad.
  4. Providing excellent educational services and providing the appropriate climate for this.
  5. Contribute to spreading the Arabic language and other living languages, by preparing and qualifying the human elements who are able to benefit from them in various fields.
  6. Developing the means and methods of teaching languages ​​using foreign technologies and highlighting their role in various fields.
  7. Developing cultural and scientific links and ties at home and abroad.
  8. Teaching languages ​​for scientific purposes and preparing the linguistically able to transfer knowledge and science.
  9. Carry out expertise, consultancy, translation and training in the linguistic fields

Director of the Language Center Sebha University: Dr. Mohammed Abu Bakr Abdul Qadir Abu Bakr

To view the CV of the Director of the Center, please click on the following link: CV

مركز اللغات جامعة سبها

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