Vice President of Academic Affairs

Vice President of Academic Affair’s speech

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his pure family and companions.

The Academic affairs deanship of any university or college is the main nerve in its renaissance, and it is one of the important pillars of the University, which generally helps to achieve the vision, mission, and objectives of the University in accordance with the requirements and standards of academic accreditation of the scientific departments of the university.

The University deanship for academic Affairs at Sabha University seeks total accreditation; to work in an institutional professional manner that promotes the culture of teamwork, and supports the serious pursuit of creativity, development, innovation, and initiative so that all scientific departments at the University’s faculties reach the accreditation of their departments and compete locally and internationally.

The deanship, through its sectors, colleges, scientific and Administrative Departments, seeks to update the study plans, programs, teaching techniques, accreditation, and quality in performing developmental efforts that raise the profile of education in the country. In general, the University’s vice presidency for academic Affairs focuses most of its efforts on achieving the higher goals of the university through the strategy adopted in 2018.And one of the goals that mainly aims to achieve is the requirements and needs of society in line with the instructions and decisions of his Excellency the president of the University, the University Council, and representatives in a serious quest to develop the University. May God grant everyone what he loves and pleases.

Duties of Vice- Presidents for the Academic Affairs:

The vice president of academic affairs at Sabha University is a faculty member charged with supervising the progress of the educational process, implementing policies and goals in accordance with the general strategy of the University. The vice president for academic affairs of the university is responsible for assisting the president of the University in implementing the decisions of the University Council of a scientific nature, and supervising the offices assigned to be supervised by the president of the University.

In accordance with the powers and prerpgatives granted by the organizational structure of Libyan universities issued by Resolution No. 22 of 2008, the tasks of the agent are as follows:

  • Follow-up of academic and educational affairs in the faculties of the University.
  • Follow-up quality control to upgrade the university’s ranking level.
  • Follow up the field studies prepared on the obstacles of academic performance within the University and develop appropriate solutions.
  • Follow-up and development of academic programs, scientific and study plans.
  • Follow-up of university publications, books and references needed by colleges to facilitate the educational process.
  • Follow-up of the university Magazine.
  • Follow-up on the administrative and financial affairs of faculty members.
  • Attracting new faculty members.
  • Follow-up collaborators for whom colleges need services
  • Organizing academic conferences periodically, focusing on internal and external training.
  • Follow-up of postgraduate programs.
  • Follow up the numbers that can be accepted in colleges according to the potential and the need of the community.
  • Follow-up of the University’s websites.
  • The tasks assigned by the president of the University.
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