المقررات الدراسية

المقررات الدراسية

المقررات الدراسية

Sebha University                                                    Faculty of Dentistry


Of the courses in the



B.D.S Program

Sebha University:

This Syllabus is considered to be valid / effective for all graduates from Sebha University since the foundation of the university until this date.


The Faculty of dentistry, Sebha University was opened in the year 1992 as one of the 9-10 faculties of Sebha University. The intake of students varied between 20-25 students in early years to 50-60 students in the recent years, male and female students are eligible and study together.

The dental faculty is located near the main Sebha university campus and adjacent to the medical faculty in which dental students are taught basic dental sciences. The faculty is near science faculty in which dental students undertake their pre dental course.

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) course run by the dental faculty is designed as follows:

  • Pre dental : one year
  • Pre clinical: two years
  • Clinical: two years
  • Internship: one year

The main building houses the faculty, administrative block, library, lecture rooms, laboratories and nineteen clinical dental units for treatment procedures and an additional 3 units for diagnosis. The adjacent building houses another 12 dental units.

The objectives of the dental faculty are:

  1. Producing quality dentists and other oral health personnel.
  2. Service to the local and regional community.
  3. Undertaking research projects in oral health aspects.
  4. Collaboration with similar faculties and institutions including students and teaching staff exchange program.
  5. Protecting and enhance the quality of Environment.
  6. Conducting Continuing dental education programs and conferences for updating the knowledge and practice of dentistry.
  7. Offering postgraduate studies.

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