وكيل الشؤون العلمية


كلمة  وكيل الشؤون العلمية طب الاسنان سبها

            It gives me great pleasure to be a part of the faculty which works to improve the oral health for the people. Despite great improvements of the general health of the people in recent years, oral health remains a key issue. Oral disease restricts activities in School, work and home and often significantly diminishes the quality of life. Those who suffer the main burden of oral diseases are found amongst all ages of the poorer socio-economic groups, with children and older people particularly vulnerable. Individuals with disabilities or special needs are also at a greater risk of oral diseases, which in turn, further jeopardizes their health.

I am particularly glad to see the emphasis on targeting people in greatest need of Support, including children and the elderly. Constant efforts are made to promote better health and the quality of life for all our people and wish them every success.



وكيل الشؤون العلمية طب الاسنان سبها

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