The College of Education, Ghat Sebha University was established in 1986 in the name of the Higher Institute of Physical Education to be the first institute opened in The city of Ghat. In 1991, the Institute was replaced by the College of Physical Education of the University of Sebha. In 2005 AD, the College replaced physical education with the Teachers College and continued until 2007 AD, where the name of the college was replaced by the College of Arts and Sciences, which later became the College of Education in 2008.

Accordingly, the establishment of the College of Education in the Ghat University of Sebha went through several stages, during which the college continued to support the community with a selection of graduates, many of whom have taken up positions in various local and regional institutions.

The college always endeavors to develop and present academic programs to prepare scientifically and educationally qualified cadres capable of advancing the progress of the region and the country.


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