About the department

The College of Education, Barak / Al-Shati, was established as a development for the Higher Institute for the Preparation of Teachers and Origin by Resolution No. 1049 in the period from 1994 to 2006 AD. It is one of the colleges affiliated to the University of Sabha and established by the first decisions No. (535) and the second number (627) for the year 2007 AD. The college received the first batch of students with a special secondary education campaign during the year 2006/2007. The Arabic language is the official language of study and education in this college, and it is permissible to teach others in some specializations of a special nature.

يعتبر قسم الجغرافيا من أقدم أقسام الأقسام بالكلية، حيث بدأت الدراسة بهذا القسم عام 1997 ف