College Strategic Plan

College strategy

The strategic plan of the College of Energy and Mining Engineering Sebha University is oriented towards the future and is subject to follow-up by the College Council for the purpose of maintaining its relevance to the environment Work full of vitality and vigor. This plan also confirms the continuation of improving the scientific level that we offer to our dear students, while at the same time implementing the instructions issued by the university and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in order to serve the education sector.

We aim to establish a good reputation in society, with regard to:

  • Professionalism as a provider of competencies and expertise distinct from others.
  • Serve students and society and ensure their futures.
  • Keeping pace with the era of development through modern electronic systems.
  • Improve the quality of the educational process within the college and develop programs and plans with a future vision.
  • The ability to respond to changes in the work environment by keeping pace with recent scientific developments.


The strategic plan of the Faculty of Energy Engineering and Mining Sabha University

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