Graduate Degree (MSC)

In the academic year 1990/1991 AD, the university's graduate studies program began in the College of Arts specifically in the Department of Arabic Language and then the university colleges followed with a number of scientific departments. The total number of educational programs in the upper stage is 22 programs distributed over five colleges:

  1. The College of Arts awards the university a Bachelor’s degree in Arts with the following departments: Arabic Language - Quranic Sciences - History - Interpretation - Geography - Psychology - Sociology - English Language
  2. College of Science The University awards a Bachelor’s degree in sciences with the following departments: Chemistry - Botany - Animal Science - Physics - Computer - Mathematics.
  3. College of Engineering and Technical Sciences: The university awards a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Technical Sciences in the following departments: Civil Engineering - Electronic Engineering - Medical Laboratory Science - Environmental Sciences - Food Science and Technology.
  4. College of Energy and Mining: The university awards a Bachelor’s Degree in Renewable Energies in the Renewable Energies Engineering Department accredited with the Temps Program
  5. College of Agriculture: The university awards a graduate degree in the following departments: Soil - Agricultural Economics
كلية هندسة الطاقة والتعدين جامعة سبها

Master Program (Master in Energy Management)

The creation of the Master of Energy Management program in the Renewable Energy Department since 2017 based on the agreement signed between three Libyan universities (University of Tripoli, University of Benghazi and Sebha University) and four European universities (Hamburg University of Technology, University of Innsbruck Key, University of Barcelona, ​​Spain and University of Florence, Italy)
This program is a project of the European Union Program (TEMPUS), which holds the international record (EU2013 / 06) approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Pure Sciences based on correspondence and the Minister of Education and Pure Sciences No. 54 on 01-28-2016.
• See the program Leadership and competition in graduate programs
• The message 1- Contributing to the development of the postgraduate program at Sebha University 2- Deepening science purely to meet the society’s need for scientific qualifications 3- Developing and consolidating energy management concepts
4- Serious contribution to the development of society and encouraging the use of renewable energy sources
• Goals
1- Basic knowledge and ability to replace renewable energy sources with conventional energy sources (fossil fuels).
2- In-depth knowledge of the business and market environment and its basic economic and technological concepts in the energy field.
3- Obtaining in-depth knowledge of energy transfer technologies and their efficiency.
4- The ability to address energy sustainability issues such as climate change and increasing energy demand.
5- In-depth knowledge to develop and implement strategies to address major challenges in energy policy and legislation.
6- The ability to integrate knowledge from interdisciplinary fields to design, develop and evaluate new solutions to meet engineering energy challenges.
7- The ability to obtain a doctorate

كلية هندسة الطاقة والتعدين جامعة سبها
كلية هندسة الطاقة والتعدين جامعة سبها
كلية هندسة الطاقة والتعدين جامعة سبها

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