Vision, mission and goals


Libya is one of the oil and gas rich countries and one of the leading countries in this field. In view of the increasing oil exploration in Libya, which in turn led to the availability of job opportunities for engineers specialized in this field, it was necessary to create a department for oil and gas engineering in the college, which aspires to be among the departments known internationally.


The department prepares qualified scientific cadres in the precise disciplines of (drilling engineering - production engineering - machine engineering).

The department also aspires to participate in providing scientific consultations, conducting research and testing, and solving technical and technical problems.


1- Providing the labor market with qualified engineers who are able to work in various sectors of the oil and gas industry.

2- Supporting the educational process in line with international accreditation standards to achieve the department's vision and mission.

3- Improving the capabilities of faculty members and attracting distinguished competencies to the department.

4- Providing the opportunity for scientific research for students and faculty members so that they can be employed in the local and international market.

5- Enhancing the confidence of the community and external institutions in the department's outputs.

6- Cooperation, scientific exchange and partnership agreements with the corresponding departments and knowledge institutions in developed countries.

7- Providing necessary consultations for companies and institutions related to the oil and gas field.