Vision, mission and goals


Our vision here in the Department of Materials and Mineral Engineering is to provide high-quality education to be recognized at the region and nation level, by supporting our students, research, communications and partnership with industry, as well as providing services to the community.


Providing our students with appropriate education, which enables them to play an effective role in promoting appropriate practice for the engineering profession. We also aim to improve understanding and application of engineering materials principles through partnerships with local industry and government institutions.


The aim of the Department of Materials Engineering is to consider the following objectives:

• To provide students with a high level of education and training in the field of materials science and engineering.

• Building relationships and cooperation with various local and commercial companies to help industries grow and develop.

• Helping the local government to develop and recognize strategic plans in future industrial areas.

Cooperating with other departments and universities to establish a general basis for research and development in industrial engineering