Vision, mission and goals


The mission of the college is to prepare qualified engineers and trainers who are able to meet the requirements and needs of the labor market and carry out applied scientific research that serves the areas of specialization and the college departments. This message is based on the principles of institutional values ​​based on professionalism, responsibility, honesty, creativity and teamwork.


The college vision is launched through excellence in providing educational and research services in all fields of energy engineering and mining, which contributes to achieving the vision of the University of Sabha, which seeks to improve and develop society and raise the national economy of the state.

College goals

1. Graduating scientifically distinguished engineers who are able to compete competently and carry out the tasks assigned to them to the fullest.

2. Continuous development of study plans in line with technological development, international standards and the labor market.

3. Attracting talents from distinguished faculty members and striving to develop their performance.

4. Continuous evaluation and evaluation through feedback and making comparisons with outstanding international programs and specialties.

5. Holding joint scientific research partnerships with local, regional and global community institutions

6. Providing the appropriate research environment, attracting distinguished students scientifically, and contributing to community service.

الرؤية والرسالة والأهداف

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