Warehouse and Resources Section

The department undertakes the participation in preparing the annual inventory and preparing the annual measurements of the college’s needs of operating materials, furniture and stationery, providing security and safety procedures inside the warehouses, and performing drainage works after the approval of the competent department.

The warehouse and resource department has the following competencies:

  1. Preparing and paying salaries and benefits for workers.
  2. Participate in periodic, sudden and annual inventories.
  3. Preparing the annual measurements of the college’s needs of the necessary operating materials for the laboratories, devices, tools, furniture and stationery that the college needs, and setting its technical specifications after seeking help from the college’s specialists.
  4. Taking the procedures of buying and selling according to the methods specified in the financial regulations, checking the purchases, making sure that they conform to the specifications specified in the purchase contracts, and taking the necessary procedures in relation to any defects or violations.
  5. Prepare and complete procurement documents in accordance with the regulations and instructions and refer them to the college’s accounts or treasury for disbursement in accordance with the regulations and instructions.
  6. Participate in the work of committees and work teams related to the unit's activity.
  7. Maintain records and stock books, make the necessary entries first-hand, keep item cards and register imported and spent items.
  8. Ensure that all safety and security procedures and requirements are available in the stores.
  9. Perform all procedures to ensure the availability of the appropriate stock and re-order the materials and items whose stock has reached the point of re-ordering.
  10. Carrying out periodic, sudden and annual inventory work for the stores, and taking the necessary measures towards any decrease or increase in accordance with the legislation in force.
  11. Participate in the work of committees and work teams related to the activities of the administration.
  12. Preparing periodic and annual follow-up reports on the unit's activity.
  13. Keep the petty cash advance account in college.
  14. Carrying out various exchange activities within the limits of regulations and instructions.
  15. Collecting college revenues and fees.
  16. Receive and document systematic and reference books and sell them according to financial receipts sealed from the college treasury.
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