The college organizational structure consists of the following offices and departments:

  1. Committee Affairs Office.
  2. Postgraduate and Training Office
  3. Faculty Members Office
  4. Department of study and examinations.
  5. Library Affairs Department.
  6. Research and Consulting Department
  7. Department of Cultural Relations.
  8. Department of Teaching Aids.
  9. Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Office
  10. Student Activity Department.
  11. Department Council, and it consists of:
  • The department's administrative secretariat
  • Department Secretary.
    • . The college registrar is followed by the following departments:
  • Admission and Registration Department
  • Student Activity Department.
  • Graduate Section.
  • Social Service Department
    1. Office of Administrative and Financial Affairs, followed by the following sections:
  • Department of Administrative Affairs and Services
  • Financial Affairs and Stores Section