The Department of Chemical Engineering is one of the unique departments in terms of quality, accuracy and adequacy of information due to the specificity of the field and the importance of specialization. All this is done through professors of proficiency and curricula studied and developed according to the latest findings of the science in this field.

Chemical Engineering Department

  • Employment
  1. Engineer with oil refineries (oil refining, research and development, occupational safety and the environment in the oil industry ...)
  2. Chemical analysis engineer in laboratories in metallurgical industries
  3. Engineer with natural gas companies
  4. Engineer in the factories of glass, plastic, ceramics, cement and bricks
  5. Engineer for the paints, paints, spinning and weaving factories
  6. Industrial security engineer in the petrochemical, ceramic, glass, plastic and paints industries
  7. Engineer with fertilizer and pesticide companies
  8. Water desalination and sewage treatment engineer.
  9. Management (project management, especially in chemical engineering)