The College of Energy and Mining Engineering was established in accordance with Prime Minister Decision No. (7) of 2016.

The college grants graduates of the secondary stage a bachelor’s degree in the following departments of the college’s departments:

  1. Oil and Gas Engineering Department.

  2. Department of Materials Engineering and Corrosion.

  3. Chemical Engineering Department.

  4. Renewable Energy Engineering Department.

Work fields for graduates of the College of Energy and Mining Engineering

Renewable Energy Engineering Department.

  • Employment

  1. An engineer with companies working in the energy field

  2. Engineer design and installation of solar and wind energy systems

  3. HVAC systems engineer for buildings and factories

  4. Electrical power networks engineer and accessories

  5. Power plant engineer

  6. Management (project management, especially in renewable energy engineering)

The duration of the study is ten semesters at the rate of two semesters per year. After the student has passed all the academic requirements, the student is granted a bachelor’s degree in renewable energies engineering.