كلية هندسة الطاقة والتعدين جامعة سبها
كلية هندسة الطاقة والتعدين جامعة سبها

Specializations of the College of Energy and Mining Engineering


Sebha University


Faculty of Energy and Mining Engineering (EME)

Specializations of the College of Energy and Mining Engineering


The establishment of the Faculty of Energy and Mining Engineering back to the year 2006, based on the decision of the Secretary of the Popular Committee of the University of Sebha No. (7) on 10/12/2006, where the name began the Engineering Departments. because of it (the Department of Petroleum Engineering and the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering) subordinate administratively Sebha for Scientific Affairs and Academia of the Faculty of Engineering and Technical Sciences / University of Sabha.

The faculty has become independent under the Prime Ministerial Decree No. (7) of 2016 issued on 06/01/2016 named the Faculty of Energy and Mining Engineering and its headquarters in the city of Sebha as one of the Sabha University schools.

The south of Libya has a huge stock of natural resources such as oil and gas, mineral and non-metallic ores, and the abundance of solar radiation. Thus, it is a strong ground for scientific and economic vision in the establishment of this Faculty in order to graduate specialized scientific staff to contribute the building of the national economy.

Among the important factors that should be referred to in this aspect: –

1 – Severe shortage of specialists in the distribution and control techniques of electric power in the southern region.

2 – The boom in the southern region in oil exploration.

3- Increasing the investments from international companies in the exploration, drilling and production operations.


The faculty vision is based on excellence in providing educational and research services in all fields of energy engineering and mining, thus contributing to the vision of the University of Sabha, which seeks to improve and develop society and raise the national economy of the State.


It is the preparation of qualified and trained engineers capable of meeting the requirements and needs of the labor market at the local and regional level and conducting applied scientific researches that serve the areas of specialization and departments of the faculty. This message stems from the principles of corporate values ​​based on professionalism and responsibility.


Graduating engineers who are competent in the field of faculty disciplines and able to perform the tasks assigned in the various institutions of the community.·         Continuous development of study plans in line with technological development, international standards and the labor market.·         Attract talent from distinguished faculty members and strive to develop their performance.·         Continuous evaluation and evaluation through feedback and comparisons with distinguished international programs and disciplines.·         Joint scientific research partnerships with local, regional and global community institutions·         Providing an appropriate research environment, attracting distinguished students and contributing to the community service.

Faculty Departments

1-      General departmentThe General Dep. of the faculty is the main feeder of the other specialized scientific departments where the department cares and studies the basic sciences to prepare students to study the various scientific programs.

2-      Oil and Gas Engineering DepartmentThe Department of Oil and Gas Engineering is one of the main pillars of the Faculty of EME. The domestic and foreign oil establishes the quality standard and the strong performance basis for the study requirements and obtaining the bachelor’s degree in the faculty in general and the department in particular.

3-      Chemical Engineering DepartmentThe department of Chemical Engineering is one of the unique departments of the faculty in terms of quality, accuracy and adequacy of information, due to the specificity of the field and the importance of specialization. All of these are done through specialized cadres and curricula studied and developed according to the latest matosl science in this area

4-      Materials and Corrosion Engineering DepartmentIn order to keep pace with the progress and industrial development and human need to use engineering materials of all kinds, there is an urgent need for an engineering specialization interested in the study of materials and extraction and improve their properties. The diverse fields of work (iron and steel factories – cement factories – ceramics and glass – oil and petrochemical industries – engineering alloys industry and others) for graduates of the department of Materials and Corrosion Engineering gave additional value to this specialization of the departments of the EME. In addition, the presence of a number of staff members in the departments has significantly increased its performance rates.

5-      Renewable Energy Engineering DepartmentThere is no doubt that energy is an essential component of the universe and is a form of existence. The Department of Renewable Energy Engineering is the first in this specialization in the Libyan universities, which grants a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the fields of renewable energies.The Study Plan Stage for Bachelor of Renewable Energies is divided into four types with total units of (160) according to the following table.

No. Courses No. of Unites
1 General university Requirements 16
2 Supporting courses. Faculty Requirements 62
3 Department Requirements (Compulsory): 79
4 Optional Courses 3
Total 160 units

Student in this department will study some main courses related to the renewable energy filed such as thermal engineering, electrical power engineering, solar radiation, heat transfer, thermodynamics, circuit electric, applied electronic, air condition and refrigeration, solar cells, wind energy, energy safety and environment sustainability and so on.  v

MSc program   (Master of Energy Management)

The establishment of the MSc program of energy management in the department of renewable energy since 2017 based on the agreement signed between three Libyan universities (University of Tripoli, University of Benghazi and University of Sabha) and Four European universities (Hamburg University of Technology, University of Innsbruck Key, University of Barcelona, ​​Spain and University of Florence, Italy).This program is one of the projects of the European Union Program (TEMPUS), which holds the international record (EU2013 / 06) and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Pure Science based on correspondence and Minister of Education and Pure Science No. 54 on 28-1-2016.·

Vision of the program

Leadership and competition in graduate programs·

The  message

1-      Contribute to the development of the graduate program of the University of Sabha

2-      Deepening the scientific purely to meet the need of the society of scientific competencies

3-      Develop and consolidate the concepts of energy management

4-      Serious contribution to the development of society and encourage the use of renewable energy sources·


1-       Basic knowledge and ability to replace renewable energy sources with traditional energy sources (fossil fuels).

2-      In-depth knowledge of the business environment and markets, and its basic economic and technological concepts in the field of energy.

3-      Obtain in-depth knowledge of energy conversion technologies and efficiency.

4-      Ability to address issues in energy sustainability such as climate change and growing energy demand.

5-      In-depth knowledge to develop and implement strategies to address key challenges in energy policy and legislation.

6-      Ability to integrate knowledge from interdisciplinary fields to design, develop and evaluate new solutions to meet engineering energy challenges.

7-      Ability to obtain a PhD.

The study plan for the Master’s degree in energy management consists of (36) accredited units distributed as follows included a master thesis:

No. Courses No. of Unites
1 Supporting courses. Faculty Requirements 3
2 Department Requirements (Compulsory): 21
3 Optional Courses 12
Total 36 units

In this program, the student should study some courses in the field of energy management.

(i.e Advanced mathematics, production and operation management, energy systems, renewable energies, efficient energy uses in domestic application, industry, transportation and so on).

Currently, more than 28 students are enrolled in the program till this semester fall 2019 \ 2020. The duration of study is two years and expected the first graduate student from this MSc program will be in the next semester.

BSc Study program

The faculty adopts the open semester system, with two semesters per year (fall semester and spring semester) for 10 semesters for undergraduate.

Faculty Programs

The programs of EME faculty are divided into two types:

1-      Basic: – An academic study for a bachelor’s degree as well as a master’s in renewable energies

2-      Support: – It is the establishment of exhibitions, workshops and scientific conferences of nature and sections and the faculty specializes in various areas of energy.

In addition, the faculty takes a collaborative approach with programs supported by the European Union for graduate studies in the fields of renewable and sustainable energy (Tumbas and Enbrain).

For contact:

Telephone: 00218712628021  =  00218712623109

Email: fenergy@sebhau.edu.ly

Faculty website https://sebhau.edu.ly/fenergy/

Faculty page on Facebook: تخصصات كلية هندسة الطاقة والتعدين

https://www.facebook.com/كلية هندسة الطاقة والتعدين جامعة سبها – الصفحة الرسمية

Specializations of the College of Energy and Mining Engineering

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