The College of Energy and Mining Engineering was established by virtue of Prime Ministerial Decision No. (7) of 2016 (press here).

The college grants graduates of the secondary stage a bachelor’s degree in the following departments of the college’s departments:

  1. Oil and Gas Engineering Department.
  2. Department of Materials Engineering and Corrosion.
  3. Chemical Engineering Department.
  4. Renewable Energy Engineering Department.


About College of Energy and Mining Engineering

حول الكلية هندسة الطاقة والتعدين

Work fields for graduates of the College of Energy and Mining Engineering Sebha University

Materials Engineering and Corrosion Department

  • Employment
  1. Metallurgical extraction engineer (iron - copper aluminum - gold ……………………… etc.)
  2. Material formation engineer (steel rolling units - electrical wires and cables, plastic formation in household industries ...)
  3. Engineer in the field of corrosion in drilling and production companies, oil refineries, electricity companies and marine anchors
  4. Engineering inspection engineer for petroleum services companies, gas companies and oil refineries
  5. Welding engineer (war factories, car factories, marinas, shipbuilding ... etc)
  6. Ceramic Factory Engineer (Production)
  7. A professional safety and environmental engineer in the metallurgical, ceramic, glass and plastic industries
  8. Engineering inspection engineer in consulting offices.
  9. Management (project management, especially in the field of engineering materials, metals and corrosion)


Chemical Engineering Department

  • Employment
  1. Engineer with oil refineries (oil refining, research and development, occupational safety and the environment in the oil industry ...)
  2. Chemical analysis engineer in laboratories in metallurgical industries
  3. Engineer with natural gas companies
  4. Engineer in the factories of glass, plastic, ceramics, cement and bricks
  5. Engineer for the paints, paints, spinning and weaving factories
  6. Industrial security engineer in the petrochemical, ceramic, glass, plastic and paints industries
  7. Engineer with fertilizer and pesticide companies
  8. Water desalination and sewage treatment engineer.
  9. Management (project management, especially in chemical engineering)


Oil and Gas Engineering Department.

  • Employment

An engineer in oil companies in the fields of:

  1. Drilling (engineer of drilling, maintenance and development of oil and gas wells)
  2. Reservoirs (study and evaluation of oil reservoirs)
  3. Production (methods of producing and developing oil wells)
  4. Occupational safety and environment in the oil and gas fields
  5. Management (project management, especially in oil and gas engineering)


Renewable Energy Engineering Department.

  • Employment
  1. An engineer with companies working in the energy field
  2. Engineer design and installation of solar and wind energy systems
  3. HVAC systems engineer for buildings and factories
  4. Electrical power networks engineer and accessories
  5. Power plant engineer
  6. Management (project management, especially in renewable energy engineering)


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